South Carolina History Books for Children

Spartanburg’s CHARM

Spartanburg: A Place of C.H.A.R.M.

CHARM-Culture 1
CHARM-Culture 2


Amanda:  Wanna go with me to the Chapman Cultural Center?

Sal: I don’t think so!

Amanda: Are you kidding me? They’re teaching the Salamander Slide in the dance studio and there might just be a play tonight. We can always go see interesting stuff at the art and history museum.

Sal: Not to mention the cool science center. I guess I am in!

Amanda: There is so much for patrons of the arts like us to do and see in Spartanburg!

Sal: Yeah, one of my favorite things is the Stone Soup Storytelling Festival!

Amanda: And I love the Hub Bub Showroom!

Sal:  And the Galleries and statues all around town!

Amanda: So much art! So little time!

CHARM-History 1
CHARM-History 2


Sal: Do you know that Spartanburg was named for the Spartan Regiment that fought in many key battles of the Revolution?

Amanda: Yep!  And did you know that historians say that there is a line through Spartanburg County and every time the British crossed this line they lost?

Sal: It’s true, here in Spartanburg we “own” the tales of the backcountry story.

Amanda: Is that so?

Sal:  Yeah, Earl’s Ford, Gowen’s Old Fort, Wood’s Fort, Fort Prince, Cowpens, Cedar Springs,  Wofford’s Iron Works, Blackstock, Musgrove’s Mill, and Walnut Grove Plantation were all battle sites!

Amanda:  Oh, what tales we can tell!

Sal:  Did you know that I saw the ghost of a Revolutionary War Soldier that was killed and buried at Walnut Grove Plantation when I was there?

Amanda: Ooooh! Don’t talk about it!

Sal:  Don’t be silly! He was a friendly ghost with a tale to tell.  And that’s not all; we have all kinds of other history. We’ve got racing, musical, and military history. We even have petroglyphs that are prehistoric!

Amanda: Oh, sooo much history…so many stories to tell!

CHARM-Agri-tourism 1
CHARM-Agri-tourism 2


Amanda: How you gonna keep ‘em in Paree, after they’ve seen our farms?

Sal: What are you talking about?

Amanda: I’m talking about the Agri-tourism here in Spartanburg. We’ve got peaches, strawberries, blackberries, apples, veggies galore…not to mention at some farms you can pick your own!

Sal: Yeah, and we even have a brewery that uses our peaches and fruits to make their beer. It’s called R J Rockers!

Amanda: Yeah, we can become Palmettovores!

Sal: What‘s that?

Amanda: People that only eat produce grown in South Carolina, of course!

Sal: Sounds good to me!

CHARM-Recreation 1
CHARM-Recreation 2


Sal: Sports galore…that’s what we’ve got here!

Amanda: Yeah, a real paradise!

Sal: We’ve got water parks, nature preserves, hiking, biking, history trails, nature trails, Collegiate sports, golf  resorts, lakes galore with lots of shore, equestrian trails, pedestrian rails, and even a zoo with stars in it too!

Amanda: Whew!

CHARM-Manufacturing 1
CHARM-Manufacturing 2


Amanda: We were once the textile capital of the world, but those days are gone!

Sal: Gone, but not forgotten….we have many textile heritage sites that show what it was like in those days.

Amanda: But what about now?

Sal: How would you like to see just how that little red convertible we rode in the parade was made?

Amanda: yea, right!

Sal: No kiddin’ you can. The BMW Zentrum has a factory tour. They even show you how they test drive them on the track.

Amanda: Awesome!

Sal: BMW was not the first time Spartanburg was in love with cars.

Amanda: Really?

Sal: Yeah, Spartanburg was a center of early stock car racing. We had David Pearson, Bud Moore and a host of others. All this evolved into NASCAR and you know how great that is!

Amanda: I should; you watch it every weekend!

Sal: But that’s not all that’s made here. There are quarries, candle companies, and loads of international industries. We even have…


Amanda:  Sounds like Spartanburg’s got it all!

Sal: Yep! It’s the best place in the world…nestled at the foothills of the mountains and just a few hours from the sea…boasting magnificent places and smiling faces. It’s a place of history with a bit of mystery!

Amanda: Yep, it’s got charm alright.