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eBook Battle of Cowpens Chapter Book

eBook Battle of Cowpens Chapter Book


“You must tell my real story!” That’s the challenge General Daniel Morgan, hero of the American Revolution, gives Ben when he meets the General’s Spirit in an abandoned house near the Pee Dee River.

Ben is frightened. How did this happen? I was just trying to help my cousins and my friend, Jennifer, get ready for the Morgan Victory March to celebrate the Battle of Cowpens. We were all going to get medals and make our Grammy May so proud! Did Sal and Amanda, the Underground Ambassadors of South Carolina, get me into this mess?

Can Ben save the long lost letter Daniel Morgan wrote from being destroyed? Can he tell everyone the truth about the famous general and set his spirit free? Will the cousins complete the march and earn their medals? Join Sal and Amanda on Morgan’s Victory March and find out.

Standards based activities to accompany each chapter can be downloaded for free. Download FREE Activity Workbook PDF The activities feature learning tasks that enhance understanding of the history and concepts of the book and help students see the relevance of these in their own lives.

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