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Paperback Walnut Grove Chapter Book & Activity Workbook Set

Paperback Walnut Grove Chapter Book & Activity Workbook Set

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All of our paperbacks are available to bulk order for schools & students. The Sal & Amanda Visit Walnut Grove Plantation chapter book and Cool with Sal & Amanda activity workbook set is available in paperback & and can be purchased online from the SRHM website with the link below. Your books will be shipped to the address you provide at checkout. Please contact SRHM if you need help with your purchase, have questions, or need assistance with your purchased product. These books are available in paperback & on location at the Spartanburg Regional History Museum (SRHM) bookstore. See hours & address of Spartanburg Regional History Museum. They are also available for purchase on location at Walnut Grove Plantation. See hours & address of Walnut Grove Plantation.

Sal and Amanda Visit Walnut Grove Plantation takes readers on a tour of Walnut Grove Plantation they will never forget. The naughty twosome convinces classmates, Ben and Jennifer, to slip away from the tour guide and go on the adventure of their lives. Readers follow them as they hide in the trundle bed, relive the legend of the heroine, Kate Moore Barry, and even hear about the soldiers that were murdered right on the grounds of the plantation. They may even see the ghost of the Unknown Soldier who is buried in the cemetery. Readers learn about the African and Native American foods that were cooked on the plantation and sing songs of the Scots Irish. All is fun and games ‘til tragedy strikes! Will Sal and Amanda convince the children muster up their courage to save Walnut Grove?
The accompanying activity book,Cool With Sal and Amanda, features learning tasks all children will enjoy. Readers will learn about the beginnings of the South Carolina Backcountry and its importance in the Revolutionary War. The activities share the daily life on a working farm and even have Sal and Amanda cutouts that have both work clothes and dress-up clothes. There are a variety of activities that include reading, writing, maps, science, music, and art. Teachers and parents appreciate that the activities are correlated to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, the South Carolina State Standards for Social Studies and Language Arts for both 3rd and 4th grades and national language arts and history standards for ages 7-12.


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