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PDF Walnut Grove Activity Workbook

PDF Walnut Grove Activity Workbook


Cool with Sal and Amanda is an activity book that features learning tasks all children will enjoy. They will learn about the beginnings of the South Carolina Backcountry and its importance in the Revolutionary War. Students will experience this country through the eyes of Sal and Amanda, twin salamanders and Underground Ambassadors for South Carolina. They will visit Walnut Grove Plantation. The activities share daily life on a working farm. The book also explains the roles of Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and women during this time. There are a variety of activities including reading, writing, maps, science, music, and art. The activities are correlated to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, the South Carolina State Social Standards, and the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts. The activity book is the perfect companion to the novel, Sal and Amanda Visit Walnut Grove. Cut out action figures of Sal and Amanda engage in both the story and the informational text. Join Sal and Amanda on this exciting adventure!


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